The addition of flower girls to a wedding elevates it to the next level of elegant. There is nothing cuter than a small tot in tulle scattering flower petals down the aisle as the bride comes down it, no matter how much you despise children.

The flower girl is usually the first person to walk down the aisle after the bride, as she is the tiniest member of the entourage. Since ancient Rome, the flower girl has carried wheat and herbs for the bride and groom.

Flower girl dresses

Flower Girl Dresses

Flower girls’ parents traditionally take care of their dresses. A white dress with a sash in the same colours as your bridesmaid dresses is a classic option. If you flower girl wears a tulle ball gown, opt for a similar figure for her. Similarly your sleeve can be styled for your mates. Perfect sparkly shoes or a flower crown will be perfect finishing touches for her look. And he will throw flowers! The perfect shoes or flower crown are just the perfect finish for a girl look needs to complete her look. . Visit us for more news related to weddings.

Choose Your Flower Girl

Flower girls are typically between four and seven years old but there is no definitive rule. Many brides are opting for one, several, three flowers. Brides may also choose having a junior groomsmaid along with her Flower Girls. Do you have more than a girl? There’s no law that lets people have a flower girl in their wedding party. Alternatively you’ll choose not to have flower girls. You wouldn’t play favorites and you wouldn’t leave anyone off their wedding. It can be more enjoyable because they have friends to enjoy the day with.

The Complete Guide to Flower Girls

In order to prevent your flower girl from stealing the show during your wedding, consider the following factors before inviting her to participate. Included in this is The fundamentals of flower girl etiquette

It’s a special moment for anyone who’s gone to at least one wedding and has seen a flower girl enter. You can use girls to add a personal touch to your wedding day by having them walk down the aisle with you or dance with you and your junior bridesmaids at the reception.

Have a flower girl in your wedding? Here are a few things to think about if you’re thinking about it. With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to select your flower girl, understand her duties, and know what to expect from her on the big day (such as who pays for The dress).

Flower girls

Where Do I Find A Flower Girl My Size on Wedding Party?

Under two-year-olds will almost certainly need assistance from their parents when walking down the aisle, and smaller children may be overawed.

If your flower girl is over the age of 10, you can make her a junior bridesmaid and even involve her in the preparation process, such as going shopping for clothing or getting your nails done.

The decision of who will be your flower girls may be simple if you have a daughter of your own, or if one of your siblings, best friends or close relatives has a young daughter.

The flower girl job is best filled by a member of your own family or a close friend. Because you don’t know her well and only see her once a year, it may appear as if you chose her at random.

Age of flower girl

Non-standard options

Don’t be afraid to look outside the box if you don’t immediately have a flower girl in mind. Are there any young men in your family who could be able to take on this role? (A flower boy is an option if you so desire.)

The flower girl may also be a junior bridesmaid, such as the preteen daughter of your cousin. If not, ask one or two of your adult attendants and flower girls to bring a lot of flowers and toss them down the aisle as you walk down. It’s a unique and exciting way to add a personal touch to your wedding.

Notice that she has involved her parents

If your flower girl is a young child, her parents will need to be engaged in the selection process. Most of the work will be done before your wedding, from getting her an outfit to explaining to her exactly what she should do on the big day, assuming they do it all.

They’ll be responsible for attending your bridal shower and rehearsal dinner, as well as arriving early on the day of the wedding and driving you to and from the ceremony and reception sites.

In order for your flower girl’s parents to fully support her participation in your wedding, you must have a good relationship with them. If you have any concerns or issues, don’t hesitate to contact them.

Speak with your flower girl and ask her thoughtfully about it

Once her parents have given you the go-ahead, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll ask your flower girl to be a part of your wedding. It’s not uncommon for the bride and groom to give their flower girls meaningful presents like cuddly animals or jewelry and/or music boxes as a surprise during the ceremony.

Save meaningful roles for the future

If you’re thinking about having more than one flower girl, you can also give specific responsibilities to children who won’t be at the wedding event. Assign children additional duties like carrying a banner behind the flower girl or ring bearer, handing out programs to guests, or blowing bubbles during the recessional of the wedding.

FAQs about flower girl:

What is a flower girl’s job description?

The flower girl traditionally follows the last bridesmaid or maid of honor in the bridal processional. There are thousands of years of tradition behind decorating the bride’s walk with flower petals, herbs, and other decorative items to indicate healthy fertility for the bride.
When your flower girl reaches the altar, you can either have her stand with the rest of the bridal party or have her go back to her parents’ seats. During the reception, if your flower girl is comfortable being announced, you can do it as the rest of the bridal party enters (if not, you can enlist a bridesmaid or parent to walk in with her).

What age range do flower girls fall under?

The ideal age range for flower girls is three to eight years old. According on your situation, she may be younger or older than you think. If she’s between the ages of 10 and 16, she can serve as a junior bridesmaid.

What’s the dress code for the flower girl?

Many people choose to flower girl dress up in tutus, pink dresses, or sequins for the occasion. Bridal and formalwear establishments, as well as online retailers, carry flower girl dresses.
Older flower girls prefer shoes with short heels, while younger flower girls should wear sandals or ballet flats. Stockings, hair ornaments, and jewelry can all be worn or omitted depending on the wedding’s theme.

Who foots the bill for the flower girl dress?

Flower girl dresses are customarily purchased by the bride and groom’s respective families. If you have the money to pay for it as a pair, it’s a kind gesture.

What should the cost of a flower girl’s gown be?

Depending on where you buy it, the type of dress, and the flower girl’s age/dress size, you’ll pay different amounts for your flower girl dress. Flower girl gown often range in price from $50 to $150, not including other fees such as alterations, shoes, or stockings.

Are veils worn by flower girls?

Flower girls often wear matching headbands, flower crowns, or even tiaras to the wedding.

How many flower girls do you have the ability to have at once?

Flower girls can have as many as you want, but we suggest no more than three or four to keep things under control.

Is the flower girls included in the bride’s preparations?

Depending on her age, the younger flower girl may or may not assist the bride in getting prepared for her big day. If you want her to get her hair done professionally with the rest of your wedding party, offer to pay for it.

Is it mandatory for the flower girl to toss petals?

However, some wedding venues ban the usage of real flowers or confetti in this manner, therefore the flower girl traditionally throws them down the aisle. Instead of flinging petals, have your flower girl blow bubbles, carry a bouquet, a basket, or a pinwheel.

Is the flower girIs the flower girls included in the bride’s preparations?

Depending on her age, the younger flower girl may or may not assist the bride in getting prepared for her big day. If you want her to get her hair done professionally with the rest of your wedding party, offer to pay for it.


How many flower girls can walk down the aisle and throw petals?

It is necessary to make an immediate flower girl choice according to the following parameters:

Your wedding can have one flower girl or more. It might just be a little girl or cousin’s pre teen daughter. flower girl wear

It can be different, sometimes in her clothes there can be flower girls wear veil.