You’re planning a brisket-themed wedding or engagement party? Are you on the lookout for the ideal wedding ideas with a barbecue theme?

Barbecue is an essential part of my life!

You have my full attention, sir! Wedding receptions with a BBQ theme are popular right now (thanks in large part to COVID, but also because outdoor weddings are a lot of fun for relaxed more couples!).

With these low-cost outdoor barbeque wedding ideas, you can also save money.

Сlassy BBQ Wedding Reception

These barbeque wedding ideas include everything from save-the-dates to invitations to table runners and centerpieces to a cake topper and fun guest book ideas.

Of course, we’ll also show you how to make BBQ favors. In addition, we’ll provide you with some ideas for what kind of barbeque wedding menu food you can serve to inspire your buffet.

An outside BBQ wedding celebration is often easygoing and entertaining, and a tent-like this is recommended in event of bad weather.

Weddings with a BBQ flair can be held indoors as well. You don’t have to go all-in with a barbecue theme, but if you do, these gingham-inspired plaids and fun.

Laid-back designs are a great way to add a little whimsy to your decor. You’re the best! 🙂

Let’s get down to business: no more chatting! From start to finish, here’s how to organize a backyard barbecue wedding.

BBQ Wedding Ideas

First, before you do anything else, set a date — and then send a save the date!

This will ensure guests can keep your elegant wedding date available and will get them excited for the celebration that awaits.

These bbq themed wedding save-the-date ideas are perfect for your upcoming reception.

BBQ wedding menu save the dates

BBQ catering menu for a wedding

When it comes to a BBQ wedding, the food is usually the star attraction. Nothing less than a mouth-watering meal will do.

The remainder of the bbq wedding reception will fall into place once you’ve decided on your food.

The following is a suggestion for a backyard menu:

For a backyard party, provide classic BBQ sauce picnic dishes like hotdogs and hamburgers.

Among the choices for a backyard reception menu are the following:

The idea for a Classy Country rehearsal Dinner Menu

You don’t have to stick to picnic food just because you’re throwing a barbecue.

The normal side dishes should be replaced with a more expensive cut of meat (or several).

Add a dash of sophistication to your barbecue food with these sophisticated ideas:

Make sure you have hot dogs and grilled corn available for the kids in case they don’t like the more upscale menu options.

To add a modern twist to your country wedding cuisine, consider a “naked” cake, or one with only a light layer of frosting.

Guests will be able to view your layers thanks to the use of florals from the wedding bouquets.

A fruit or wedding-themed topper can also be added if you’d choose.

For dessert, try a Naked Cake.

On a Budget: Burlap BBQ Decorations

If you’re planning a perfect plate BBQ-themed wedding planner, it only makes sense to organize your decorations accordingly.

Burlap is a less expensive alternative to the red-checked tablecloths that are more commonly associated with backyard barbecues.

Consider a low-cost backyard BBQ wedding theme with these suggestions for little elegance and a great idea guests find.

Ceremony decorations with burlap

Feel free to Set up a burlap-covered arch for your wedding day.

A burlap-covered cocktail table with candles and a swag of foliage and blossoms at the bottom complete the look.

Using burlap to decorate a table

These old-fashioned options are commonly found on the tables at a rustic or garden wedding. Crocheted tablecloths, like those your grandmother might have, can be used to adorn your dining room tables.

Ceremony decorations with burlap

With the addition of candles and wildflowers in mason jars, the look is complete. Using burlap, enclose the jars.

Silverware should be stored in burlap bags and knotted with string. This trendy look can be achieved with a few succulents.

Decorated with blue and yellow burlap

You don’t have to stick to red for a country-themed BBQ reception. Choose a blue and yellow color scheme for your rustic decor instead.

Add some blue lace, yellow citrus slices, and twine-wrapped mason jar flower bouquets to your table for a pop of color.

Decorations for an Elegant Barbeque Wedding

Wedding receptions can be transformed from casual BBQs to formal affairs with the addition of lights and lace.

Your basic country alternatives can be dressed up by taking them a step further.

Ceremony Arch and Aisle Illuminated

Stunning lighting is essential for an opulent wedding. String lights can be hung between the lace panels of an arch.

Line the aisle with lanterns and bird cages to add a taste of the country ambiance without going over the top. – Shepherd’s hooks hung with greenery complete the design.

Table Décor with Lace

In the reception, long tables with exquisite lace tablecloths take center stage. Decorate with roses and greenery for an exquisite look.

Put white lights on the trees outside, and tulle and lace on the walls inside to create beautiful backdrops.

Red roses adorn this lace

Even if you’re happy planning a BBQ-themed wedding, you can still use red as your wedding color.

You can still get the BBQ vibe without the conventional checkered pattern by using red rose bouquets and arrangements.

The more formal tablescape is completed with burlap and lace accents.

Bridal Party Attire for a BBQ Wedding

The wedding dress you choose should be in keeping with the overall theme.

Simple A-line lace gowns are versatile enough to be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Wear your hair down and decorate with flowers and foliage if you’re going for a more casual look.

If you’re going to a high-class function, put your hair in a bun and accessorize with pearls.

A classic suit, a vest, or linen jacket can be worn by the grooms.

Dress your bridal party in a way that reflects your style.

Foodie Gifts for Your Guests

If your wedding has a theme or cuisine, it’s only natural that your favors should match.

Use a chalkboard sign to direct your guests to their thank you gifts, if necessary. ‘

Take a look at these culinary pairings:

Authenticity and Taste of the Country

A BBQ-themed wedding is a surefire way to make your big day extra special.

When planning a country-themed event, it doesn’t matter if it’s an informal get-together or a high-class soiree.


Your guests will be ravenous after attending your ceremony (and maybe crying a few tears).

That’s why your wedding reception menu for a backyard BBQ should include some delectable starters.

Children at your backyard wedding will enjoy simple starters, which their parents are sure to appreciate.

Guests will like being able to munch and work up an appetite before dinner.

It’s a good idea to add some substance and rich flavor to your beginning in addition to fruit, vegetables, and cheese.

For starters, you can suggest a wide variety of appetizers, such as eastern shore crab dip with baguettes, bacon-wrapped scallops with maple drizzle.

Then hawaiian chicken skewers with coconut rum sauce.

Restaurants Cooked In a Grill

The benefit of having a backyard BBQ celebration for your wedding reception is that you may create a meal that your guests will enjoy.

Pulled pig, BBQ chicken, and smoked beef and ham are economical, mouthwatering options that will keep your guests pleased as they prepare to dance the night away.

Some of the extra meal options offered include whole pig roast or grilled sausage with peppers, both of which would be excellent additions to your backyard BBQ wedding event.

It’s hard to go wrong with any of these options, which are perfect for entertaining a crowd on a tight budget.

Sides from the grill

Sides are an essential part of any backyard BBQ wedding celebration menu. A caesar salad, macaroni and cheese, and potato and macaroni salad are just a few of the vegetarian options.

Late spring and early summers are the perfect times to serve fresh side dishes like Maryland-style corn on the cob and southern-style string beans with bacon and onion, both of which pair well with barbecued meats.


Drinks for a Сlassy BBQ Wedding Reception should stick to the tried and true. Your visitors will love the variety of sodas, juices, iced teas, and lemonades you provide.