Emerald green wedding inspiration 

The color emerald green brings up visions of vibrant, vivid hues and striking contrasts.

This color palette is appropriate for a royal green wedding and is ideal for a royal couple or a couple with strong personalities.

Real couples

The leading service providers in Cape Town have joined forces with us to provide you with some ideas if you’re thinking about having a green wedding.

These royal emerald and gold looks were shot in Cape Town at The Cartel Rooftop venue, with a sophisticated and urban feel.

Gold wedding

Lux Event Rental was inspired by Ottawa’s famed Fairmont Château Laurier hotel while designing this beautiful emerald green and gold wedding setting.

White resin chairs, gold satin linens, and emerald green satin napkins are employed in the décor, which is bathed in rich tones of green and gold.

Cake swings are a fun and different way for women to exhibit their wedding cakes, bringing the concept to life with a sense of riches and old charm.

White wedding cake would be appropriate here.

This stunning collection of emerald and gold wedding photos will serve as inspiration for your own big day.

Green wedding inspiration

Splendid wedding cakes

With so many weddings showcasing popular colors like emerald green, it’s a wonderful and refreshing contrast to witness a wedding full of traditional colors like white and ivory.

This is a popular wedding color for many couples because it looks great everywhere on the big day. Inspire yourself and find a method to make this big day of yours a reality.

Emerald green wedding outfits that are out of this world

The color emerald green is a stunning choice for wedding clothing. If your bridesmaids are wearing Emerald dresses, your groom will be wearing an emerald green velvet suit. Splendid wedding cakes

Beautiful and elegant accessories

Emerald green is a shade of green

The color emerald green has a striking vibrancy to it. #50C878 is the hexadecimal color code for emerald green.

Blue and yellow paint are the basic ingredients for creating emerald green.

To get a deeper shade, add additional blue. The exact ratio depends on how much of each color you use.

Variations on the color green on the green wedding

Emerald green has also been referred to as “Paris green,” “Imperial green,” and “Veronese green” in the past, but these terms are less popular today.

It’s a darker shade of green than lime or neon, yet it’s brighter than shades like teal and olive green, but great for a green wedding.

Wedding color ideas

Emerald green’s illustrious past

In 1598, the term “emerald green” was originally used to describe a particular shade of green. The color’s name comes from the emerald gemstone’s usual tint.

During the 1800-s, emerald green was particularly popular as a paint color for painters, a home paint, and a clothing dye and green wedding color ideas dessert table.

The color was popular among painters such as Monet, Cezanne, and even Vincent Van Gogh, who used it prominently in his 1889 painting Madame Roulin Rocking the Cradle.

When its harmful effects on human health were established, the arsenic base used to generate emerald green became unpopular.

Do not be alarmed; emerald green paint used nowadays is absolutely non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets.

Due to its lush landscape, Ireland is known as the “Emerald Isle,” a term given to it by William Drennan in his poem When Erin First Rose emerald weddin.

The song ‘Forty Shades of Green,’ written by Johnny Cash in 1959, famously featured Ireland’s green character. It was Pantone’s color of the year, emerald green, in 2013.

Is there any significance to the color emerald green?

The color emerald green is associated with monarchy, luxury, and elegance due to its lengthy history and connection to rare jewels.

Bridesmaid dresses are beautiful with emerald dresses escort cards.

Besides being associated with Ireland’s famed religious and cultural celebration, St. Patrick’s Day, the color green has become a cultural and religious icon. 

A shade of green known as emerald represents harmony and balance.

Green is often associated with nature and the environment, and it’s also thought to bring good fortune, new beginnings, and rebirth.

Green is considered a calming color in color psychology because it promotes a feeling of calm and clarity.

Green emerald. What to do with it?

Emerald green is a striking color that will help you stand out from the crowd.

A sense of grandeur and luxury can be easily communicated thanks to its relationship with sophistication.

Green, on the other hand, has a strong connection to nature, and as a result, can help people relax and unwind.

After all, it represents rejuvenation green wedding inspiration and wedding attire.

Adding a dash of emerald green to an interior design scheme can invigorate and reinvigorate the space. It’s a common color choice for apparel, and its traditional elegance makes it particularly suitable for wedding attire. 

When wearing emerald green, what other color would look good with it?

It goes well with shades of peach, aubergine, rose, and ruby red. If used with other hues of green (like lime green), it will look great.

Pair emerald green with beige for a clean, modern aesthetic. Emerald green looks stunning when combined with the following hues:

Colors near emerald green in intensity. It is trending hues.

Wedding ideas

In search of a new shade of color? Emerald green can be compared to the following colors

Emerald greenery dresses for the Bridesmaids

You can’t go wrong with emerald green bridesmaids.

Emerald green bridesmaids stand out and bring elegance to any wedding day wedding invitations, whether they wear flowing satin gowns, beautiful tea-length frocks with lace details, or party dresses. Such weddings weddings filled welcome and refreshing change. At the same time, you can share your impressions of this on your Pinterest boards.

Bridesmaid dresses


Rent emerald frames or choose leafy green plants to add that beautiful shade of emerald to your decor. For floral arrangements, use emerald vases, and for decor elements, use emerald green ribbon!

Bride World Expo is a one-stop-shop for assembling your dream wedding planning team . Emerald green makes beautiful and elegant accessories . Emerald green wedding and green wedding is beautiful.

Emerald green wedding theme


Including emerald green in the design of your wedding stationery is a great way to use the hue throughout the entire day.

It’s stunning to use emerald with a garden theme, a roaring 20s theme, or just a watercolor brush design, beautiful and elegant accessories wedding invitations.

Wedding dress

It’s hard to host a wedding on your own without the assistance of a wedding planner. Hundreds of innovative ideas and wedding specialists, wedding blogs will be available at the Crowne Plaza’s Bride World Expo on January 12 to make wedding preparation easier emerald velvet tux. Interesting table settings with emerald green.

Wedding decor

Emerald green makes stunning wedding decor in both bridal attire and interesting table settings.

Wedding Jewelry

There’s no need to tell you that wearing an emerald tennis bracelet or emerald earrings on your wedding day will give your outfit an unexpected flair and wedding decor.

To avoid damage to your emerald jewelry, keep in mind that emeralds are soft stones that are more likely to break and crack.

Engagement ring

Emerald green with a gold engagement ring goes well. Emerald green is wedding leading color.

Rings for emerald green wedding theme