For the most part, how you wear your wedding bands is a matter of personal preference and should be based on what makes you feel good. However, some rings work better together, or apart for that matter! There are also some considerations to keep in mind when wearing two Wedding Bands with an Engagement Ring.

Engagement Ring With Two Wedding Bands

The possibilities are endless when it comes to stacking wedding rings. Follow these simple tips for wearing two wedding bands with an engagement ring and you’ll be cladding your wedding bands like a pro!  

Dainty Wedding Bands are Perfect for Doubling Up.

Two Wedding Bands

For women who love their engagement rings and want to wear them every day of the week, double up by adding another band on the other side of the engagement ring. This adds a touch of interest while still maintaining some symmetry.

Stacking Wedding Rings

The best part about two wedding bands is how it works so well with all styles and can add something extra, even when you’re not doing anything special on the other side!

Custom Wedding Band Designers are Your Friend

Wedding Band Design

When considering what ring style you want, it’s important to think about the future and how your choices will impact your life. For instance, do you want a ring that is easy to wear every day or that’s showier? Do you plan on wearing it in the shower, while exercising at the gym, or when working with your hands? A custom solution can allow you to choose between metal types like gold and platinum and styles like flat-topped bands and bezels.

Individual Approach To The Choice Of A Ring

Wedding bands don’t just have to be one solid piece of metal! There are so many opportunities for customization that allow the wearer to show their personality. Want something different?

Choose an alternate metal color, or switch out metals altogether by adding silver (or gold) to your ring stack. If you loved your engagement ring and know it will be a part of your wedding rings, consider having other wedding rings designed to complement it on the other side. You can even go with a completely different style if you like; but no matter what, make sure it matches your personality!

Symmetry Helps to Create a Clean Look

Creating Symmetrical Designs

Creating symmetrical designs for two wedding rings can be a little trickier than designing a single wedding band. There are some aspects to consider when thinking about how the two wedding rings will look.

For instance, when pairing engagement rings with wedding bands it’s key to choose styles that have same band thicknesses so they go together seamlessly. It also helps if you have them made in the same metal type so they are guaranteed to match.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Statement

Fine Jewelry

If you want your wedding bands to really stand out, consider making a statement by having them contrast against each other drastically in design or color. This is another reason why custom engagement rings designers are important. Just because everyone else has matching wedding bands doesn’t mean you have to too! More is more, so don’t be afraid to show off with your wedding rings set.

Two Wedding Bands can be a Practical Choice

Perfect Engagement Ring

Wedding bands serve a specific function in the wedding ring set. For women who want to wear their wedding ring all the time, wearing more than one ring is the way to go.

They will stand up much better than one band alone!

If you already own an engagement ring that has sentimental value, isn’t asymmetrical in design, and fits your personality and lifestyle, there’s no reason you shouldn’t add another band on the other side! And if you don’t mind switching up your look every now and then there is also nothing wrong with having two very different styles of your dream ring in your collection.

Roll with the Punches

Ring Compatibility

When wearing a wedding band with an engagement ring it’s imperative to wear them on the same finger if you want them to match.

This means that if your engagement ring is set with a diamond or other gemstone, make sure your wedding bands have a similar setting when worn together-or put one of them in another spot!

If you own two similarly designed rings and only plan on wearing one at a time for practical reasons, then you can stay true to your style by always choosing one over the other. The main thing is that you end up feeling good about what you are wearing and do not feel restricted in how many bands you choose to wear.

Stacking Wedding Rings ​Up

Stacking Wedding Rings ​Up

If you’re denoting your marital status with your ring set, then you have the option of wearing multiple wedding bands! Based on tradition, there is no specific maximum number of bands that can be worn together.

While stacking rings looks better if they are similar in design, it’s up to the wearer to choose where and how many additional bands to wear with their engagement ring if so desired. One wedding band could easily be worn alone as well, which gives you total flexibility!

Pick a Wise Accessory

Finding a Wise Accessory

The best way to make sure your wedding bands look their best is by choosing an accessory that complements them properly. It’s a good idea to think of a piece you already own and love when matching bands, as this will serve as a sort of centerpiece for the ring stack you choose to wear on your hand.

The right accessorizing can help bring out the features in each band and also help minimize gaps that might occur from wearing multiple rings together. With this method, you can be sure that having two bands instead of one won’t interfere with your everyday life, but only enhance it!

Keep Your Wedding Band Flush To The Setting

Keep Your Wedding Band Flush To The Setting

For maximum comfort and fashion, always make sure your wedding band is flush with the engagement ring when worn together. This will keep the setting from digging into your skin or bumping up against anything else on your hand-which is usually not comfortable!

If there is a gap between your rings, it’s best to bring them both in so they are seated properly next to each other. This can be done by having them adjusted down at a fine jewelry shop.

Think About Your Fingers

Think About Your Fingers

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when wearing stacked, but most importantly the width of your fingers comes first! If you have smaller hands, wearing two bands could make your hand look much bigger.

Try to keep this in mind when choosing wedding rings that go together well, because it’s not necessarily just about aesthetics-it’s also about how comfortable they are to wear on your particular hand size.

Lighter Is Better

Lighter Is Better

When stacking bands for a fashionable look, lighter is always better! This means looking at both ring thickness and carat weight (in terms of diamonds).

When trying out different combinations, try one heavy band paired with one thin band instead of throwing three or four rings together at once. Also keep in mind that if you’re wearing more than one stack, the width of each band needs to be as similar as possible.

Size Your Bands Carefully

Size Your Bands

It’s always best to try and size your bands using the same jeweler, especially if you want them both to fit perfectly together like puzzle pieces!

If this is not an option, it’s important to remember that matching ring sizes between styles isn’t necessary (or even possible). When wearing two different bands or stacking rings, they need to fit properly regardless of their circumference.

For example, if one band is naturally wider than the other, then chances are it will need a larger ring size for proper fitting. By the same token, there should never be more than a 1/4-inch difference in size between your wedding bands or they will not stack properly.

Keep The Metal Consistent:

The Metal Consistent

When stacking rings it’s best to keep all the metals matching (e.g., your engagement ring is platinum, then don’t pair it with yellow or rose, gold bands).

If you’re wearing two different styles of metal next to each other it will create an odd contrast and could even make them look like costume jewelry! Even if you prefer mixing up your metals, splitting up the different kinds can help your hands appear more slender. Try pairing one thicker band with a thinner one or opting for half shiny/half matte finishes on both bands.

Match Your Wedding Bands To Your Engagement Ring Arch

Engagement Ring Arch

Match any arches on your wedding bands to those on your engagement ring (e.g., for round engagement rings, wear rounded wedding bands. This will make both your rings appear like one cohesive piece and flow gracefully together instead of looking like two separate bands ‘stacked’ on top of each other.

Keep Each Band Unique

Each Band Unique

Although many people prefer wearing their wedding band right above the engagement ring, some would rather add a little flair to their stacked look by making sure there is a visible difference between them. This can be accomplished by either getting two matching styles or opting for completely contrasting styles that still complement each other. If you’re worried about not being able to tell where your wedding band begins and ends when worn next to another ring, try strategically placing your bands to leave blank spots that are visible.

Swap Out Your Wedding Bands For Different Occasions

If you’re worried about getting your wedding rings dirty while wearing them every day, swapping them out for different occasions is a great way to still get some use out of them! If you’d like to wear your bands during the ceremony but not every day after that, you can leave them in a safe spot at home during the reception and add them back on afterward. Or, if you’d like to take your engagement ring off for a night out or have one of your wedding bands become a part of your hair styling, then that’s perfectly fine too!

Bottom Line

There is an infinite number of ways to wear two wedding bands. Although stacking wedding rings on top of one another is not the most popular method, it has its special charm. The key to stacking wedding rings successfully is finding a size that fits both bands and making sure you choose styles that match well together. From there, you can experiment to your heart’s content!

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