Navy blue wedding gown accessorizing ideas

The Navy has agreed to participate. And fortunately for us all, it will be fashionable forever! When it comes to wedding attire, a navy blue dress is a timeless choice with numerous advantages.

In addition to being easy to put on, it looks great on and does not draw attention away from the bride in any way. Accessorizing a navy blue dress, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter! This is one we’re eager to explore further.

How To Accessorize A Navy Blue Dress For A Wedding

Jazz up a navy blue dresses

How to accessorize a navy blue dress for a wedding? What are some ways to jazz up a navy blue dress? There are endless ways to embellish a navy-blue dress, making it a fantastic wedding dress color. A sailor’s outfit is a perfect illustration of how you can dress it up or down depending on your personal style.

How you accessorize will ultimately be determined by the overall aesthetic you’re looking for

A lot of possibilities are available to you as well. So, without further ado, here are our favorite outfits and accessories in navy blue!

What are some ways to accessorize a navy blue wedding gown?

A navy blue dress can make a statement all by itself. Only that and a pair of comfortable dancing shoes will do. Accessorizing a garment may make it come to life, but some people aren’t sure how to do it correctly so that their accessories don’t look sloppy.

Howdy sailor

The classic sailor style can be achieved with pearls or white shoes with lace detail.

Color pops

Colors might clash or simply not go together on occasion. It’s possible to make black look good if you use the appropriate techniques and tools.

Brown is an unwelcome color choice. But what about the different shades we desire to include?

Bright yellow is a great accent color for accessories! A stunning yellow or a vivacious orange are excellent hues to choose for your outfit.

In the event that you don’t like to flaunt your taste in same color, certain shades of green, when used correctly, can work wonders.

A hat, pearl necklace, earrings, bracelets, shoes, and more can all be accessorized with any of these hues.


Two-toning is a scheme that classic look great when used with dark color hues. The addition of bright blues or different hues of blue to the navy-blue dress might be a lovely approach to accessorize.

Picture yourself in white strappy sandals, accessorized with an ivory chain necklace and white strappy heels. Isn’t it lovely? There’s a lot of room for experimentation here.

Another way to play with beautiful color is to wear a floppy light blue hat with a navy-blue ribbon knotted around it to match your dress.

I’m wearing a navy dress, what jewelry should I wear?

A navy blue dress goes well with almost any type of jewelry. So that’s a piece of cake. The tricky issue is that, once you’ve settled on a jewelry motif, you’ll want to stick with it. There should be no traces of silver or gold in the outfit since it will throw the whole thing off.

Gold and pearls

It is strongly recommended to wear a navy blue dress with all-pearls as a terrific and stunning style. Adding white accents without dominating the navy is simple with this technique. Pearls combine nicely with gold accents because they add a splash of color to a timeless piece of jewelry and look good together.

Additionally, the combination of the icy blue and the cool white lends some warmth to your ensemble. It doesn’t go well with when we wear silver, as this example illustrates.

Silver color available

As a general guideline, when working with silver, you should be consistent. The silver, like the outfit, has an ice feel about it. Silver necklaces and bracelets with dangling charms look great because they’re so eye-catching.

Because it makes the dress appear cold or ice, silver and pearly jewelry don’t go well with navy. Instead, consider adorning the ensemble with diamonds.

Adding diamonds to your earlobes, neck, and even a pair of silver strappy stilettos is the best way to go blingy if you go this route. Forever and ever, gold is a girl’s most beloved companion.


Okay, gold will always be the best friend of navy-blue color gowns. Gold reintroduces a classic style that we all appreciate. It’s a perfect match for the navy and adds a pop of color.

A simple gold chain necklace or dangly gold earrings look stunning.

With a color like this, even strappy gold shoes look fantastic. The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to wearing gold accessories.

Jewellery in a variety of colors

This is a difficult feat, but if you succeed, the rewards will be enormous. If worn wisely, colored jewelry may really liven up a garment. The combination of yellow shoes and a pearl necklaces works nicely if you want to use yellow as an accent hue.

You don’t want to overcomplicate your style by tying in a lot of different colors because your dress will look disjointed. It will only serve to further confuse and distract people from what is really going on.

With a navy dress, what color shoes look best?

Also, because the shoes are a focal point, you have a lot of leeway with the color choice. What you do with a theme will have a significant impact on the outcome. If you’re going for an all-gold look, avoid wearing shoes with vibrant patterns or bright colors.

Tips for investing in gold and silver both gold and silver follow a similar set of guidelines

You should restrict the amount of gold or silver on the shoes by keeping them open with straps. As a result, it looks excellent with strappy sandals, flats, or heels. As gold is distracting and difficult to pull off, it should never be worn alone.

There are some things you should do and not do when wearing silver

As previously stated, if you’re going to work with silver, make sure the rest of your outfit is silver-toned as well! This includes the clothes as well as the footwear.

If you’re wearing silver, either strappy heels or strappy sandals are your best bet for footwear. This is the ideal option because a silver closed-toe shoe can be overwhelming or difficult to wear.

Bright, vibrant colors

When it comes to navy-blue wedding dresses, there are no limits about wearing outrageous shoes. However, if you’re going to wear it in bright colors, it should go well with the jewelry you wear with it. Avoid accessorizing the outfit altogether for safety’s sake.

This is due to the fact that the shoes can serve as the focal point of the ensemble. Make use of bright primary colors like orange, yellow, and pink to make the blue stand out more. This has the potential to be a powerful combination.


Prints on your shoes are something you should avoid at all costs. Snakeskins, patterns, and the like will, 9 times out of 10, detract from your appearance. Particularly if you’ve thrown in a few extras.

Only when it looks like or is part of a matching set with your clothing and jewelry will it seem good.

Closed-toe gold and navy-blue heels with cheetah print are a great example of this.

It’s one of a kind, it works, and finding one is very impossible.


It If you’re attending a wedding in navy blue, you’re set. In addition to being attractive, it has a great deal to offer. The good news is that because it’s such a stunning shade, you don’t have to do anything with it at all. However, accessorizing is still achievable if done correctly.

When using a color like this as a secondary color or as part of a theme, keep things simple. Looks in navy blue will never go out of style. If you’re wearing whites with your gown or gold jewelry, these will be your shoes to wear.

Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of classic styles. Colorful accents can surely work. You simply have to match it correctly, whether through the use of a two-tone scheme or by using a bold color consistently.

You can do this with your clothes, shoes, and jewelry, such as your necklace, earrings, and bracelets, for example.