Even in the last century, love handwritten letter is an integral part of people’s life. They were waited for, and they were re-read, they were kept all their life etc. And no matter how convenient e-mail is, it will never replace a wedding letter written in ink on a sheet of paper.

Letter to husband on wedding day

Perhaps your wedding day is coming soon. Your specific date for wedding! You’ve already thought of everything. And you are already dreaming about how to realize all your thoughts and fantasies as you start new journey. Lets begin

You decided that you will share your plans today with your friends.

Friends are closer to you on this day because you still need to discuss a lot with them. You are worried about the fact that your future spouse to be decided to arrange a real bachelor party. You saw in films what happens at such Monday night football”events”.

Throw away all thoughts. Better think about the pleasant of little details. For example, you should think about how you beautifully declare the love story to husband on our wedding day with biggest hope.

The love story

When should you write a wedding letter?

Ideally, a love letter should be written on your wedding day right after you wake up. It is then that emotions overwhelm so much that you want to tell the whole world about them. But since the bride’s morning is always full of hassle and every minute is planned out, you may not have enough time to write a letter. So please write it down the day before your wedding in a relaxed atmosphere, focusing only on your feelings for your husband.

What to write in a wedding letter?

Write about how you feel at the moment, how you are waiting for the moment when you finally become husband and wife. You can write about how you felt when you saw your chosen one for the first time and how these feelings became stronger day after day.

You can write in that letter that you have never dared to say before, let it be something intimate, about which, except for your future husband, no one should know.

Wedding day letter

When should you send a letter?

Love wedding letters should be sent to each other in the morning. If you want to capture the moment of reading the letter, then it must be open when the photographer and videographer come to you. Of course, you can take a picture with the letter later, but your face will no longer have those emotions that overwhelmed you when you first read a letter.

How to write a wedding day letter?

If you decide to pour your feelings on paper and please your husband, do not be afraid to write something wrong. Two sincere lines are always better than a fake poem. Do not copy other people’s letters, do not search on the Internet, and even more so, do not ask your best friend for opinions.

Should you keep love letters after the wedding?

Your love letters will always remind you of your wedding day and how much you loved each other. Therefore, you should not throw them away, even if you thought the letter from your chosen one was not too romantic. You will be very pleased to re-read his message and again feel like a welcome bride in a few years.

Love letters on your wedding day should be written from the bottom of your heart, so if your husband is totally against this idea, try not to pressure him and do not force him to write something very romantic and follow up comments. It is unlikely that you will be pleased if the text is written by one of his friends or copied from the new posts on the Internet. Wait for him to write at least one letter with a few pleasant words from himself, which will be addressed to you personally.

Your love letters will always be a reminder of your wedding

Here are some basic steps towards creating a letter of love:

Choose the right moment.

All future newlyweds ask themselves the question: ‘When should I write a letter to my husband?’ The answer depends only on you. There is no specific time to start writing a little things in your letter The main thing is that at this quiet time moment, you are overwhelmed with feelings, then they will be transferred to your soul mate with a beautiful letter.

Forcing yourself and squeezing out the words is not the best option for this amazing journey. If it doesn’t work today, put it off until tomorrow. That is why we advise you to start writing the letter in advance to enjoy the process and definitely be in time for the wedding day treating.

Write live text.

Thinking exactly what to write in a letter of love, the bride and groom can make a fatal mistake, thus create a formulaic poem .Stop thinking about commas and phrases; avoid formulaic expressions and other people’s words. Think about what exactly you want to say to your soul mate. Write whatever comes to your mind. It is impossible to be wrong here. Your sincere and touching words will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. Write about the moment when you met, how you first realized that you were in love, about your plans, about why you love him.

Make your email personal.

Love letters are a very intimate and personal thing. You should not allow other people, even those closest to you, to read the letter, especially before being read by the groom. Let all that is written remain only between you. You should not share such innermost desires with strangers. The love and mystery created between the two of you is the link that will bind you. Happiness loves silence – remember this.

When to hand over a love letter?

It is best to exchange partner love letters in the morning of your wedding day. You can send the letter in person or with the help of friends. Stay alone and open the envelope. Let the photographer capture your emotions as you read the letter. Photos will become the brightest link in your wedding memories. Don’t be afraid to cry or look ridiculous. Brides, forget about wedding makeup, grooms – that men don’t cry. Let true love always win! These days, even the sixteen year old boy can write a letter well.

Love letters in the morning wedding day

Real Examples of Wedding Letters.

Letter for wedding day from the groom Klein to his bride Olya:

“Hello, my dear Olya.

So many things I want to tell you: My heart is overflowing with love for you, and my thoughts are only about you, my angel.

I am happy that I have the opportunity to take care of you, take care of you every first day and protect you from all adversity.

You are the main meaning of my life. This is so, and I cannot imagine life without you. When you are near, I forget about everything. I am happy. Before, I only heard these words, but now I constantly feel what it is. I’m crazy about you; your smell and your smile give me peace of mind.

YOU and HAPPINESS are synonyms. My life long dream! I promise to love you forever.

I love you, and I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH: It is impossible to express in words how much I love you, my Olya. “

Letter for wedding day from the bride Natalia to the groom Anton: 

“My beloved, dear Anton! 

Soon we have been together for seven years, and our relationship is only getting stronger every year. I happily remember every day, every minute that I lived with you! You won my heart forever. I knew from school that we would definitely be together and now we are getting married !!!!

Although our destinies have joined long ago, we will finally become a real family. Thanks to you, I know what love is. As we start this incredible journey and a completely new stage, I am very excited that I have you. I love you very much; you are my destiny I fell for!

And the main thing that I want more than anything in the world is for you to always be with me all my life despite the challenging bad times.

Wedding day

A wedding anniversary is one of the brightest and most enjoyable moments in your life. After all, it was on this day that you decided to take such a brave step and connect your destinies and what memories brings.

Among the endless worries, constant bustle, and a lot of unresolved problems on such a special day, it is very important to immerse yourself in warm memories.

It doesn’t matter if you are going to invite many guests or spend the whole day alone, remember that anniversary is a celebration of love for each other, so it should be unforgettable.

“Let’s surprise our soulmates, delight and inspire them. To do this, consider options for congratulating your husband on your wedding anniversary”? – says Natalie Hayes. They can be used both for the first, second, third year of marriage alive and for any other, up to the red wedding! 

“A letter to your beloved on your big day will be a great addition to your gift” explains marriage therapist Your wedding anniversary is one of the most enjoyable moments for the rest of your life together. After all, it was on this amazing day that you were formalized by legal marriage; it was from that day that your life changed dramatically: the coexistence of a single organism – your family – began.

Today is your anniversary. What to write to your beloved on the anniversary, how to express on paper your gratitude for the years spent in love, how – once again – to confirm to him your boundless trust and joy of being together?

The design of a wedding day letter to a loved one can be on an ordinary piece of paper – after all, words are important here and not external attributes. If you wish, you can place the text on a special holiday card, giving the congratulation on the status of a gift.

The parable of the ideals.

One man was rich, smart, and handsome, so he wanted to see the ideal chosen one next to him. He stubbornly searched for her, and after 50 years, he found the perfect woman. His joy knew no bounds, but the little girl refused him. You ask why? But because she was trying to find the perfect man.

Let’s appreciate our love, which does not consider the shortcomings but sees only the merits! Happy Anniversary!