Traditionally, white is chosen for a wedding day and is associated with lightness, tenderness and innocence.

But when it seems too young people that this style does not show all the diversity of feelings between them, red accents are added, symbolizing both bright passion and the warmth of the family hearth.

Red and black wedding theme

The red colour is quite controversial, so it should be used with caution, and this addition is suitable for creating a classic or eccentric look.

Even in ancient times, kings noticed that if you apply it in moderation, without mixing it with other bright colours, it gives more nobility and grandeur.

The red and white wedding dress was also a classic in medieval. The red wedding shoes and dress then symbolized the happiness of the newlywed—the fashion for the white colour of the bride’s dress, symbolizing her purity. 

The red colour is controversial

Red and White Wedding Attire

Hot red and white wedding color scheme are beautiful and suitable for sophisticated weddings. We’ve compiled what everyone knows a bit more here.

Red and White Wedding Decorations

Hot red is a dramatic color palette who is easily blended with the peaceful naturalistic white color. For red and white wedding decorations we will integrate several features and pops of color.

Stylish Red And White Wedding Ideas

Invitations bridesmaids, wedding cake and flowers match a specific tone. Find your inspiration & inspiration in our red & white wedding ideas below.

Stylish Red And White Wedding Ideas

What do the red and white shades mean in the bride’s bouquet?

If a traditional white wedding dress isn’t in your plans, opt for a red and white version of the dress. A red and white bridal bouquet will complete the delightful look.

A custom appears when a bride picks white flowers for a wedding dress and leaves them in a flower salon.

The groom buys red flowers, for example red roses. The traditions of the ancestors are observed; the chosen one is happy with her image.

Which bride is suitable for a red and white bouquet?

Regardless of age, religion, brides often prefer bouquets of red and white shades. For young newlyweds, it is recommended to choose gentle shades of red, closer to pink.

For mature darlings, rich colours of buds are suitable. Red and white compositions always look advantageous in the hands of a sultry brunette.

The brides bouquet can be assembled from one or several flowers:

    • red roses;

    • tulips;

    • peonies;

    • carnations;

    • calla lilies;

    • lilies.

The brides bouquet

Bride and groom outfits

The creation of the image of the bride and groom depends on the temperament of the newlyweds themselves.

Some couples can opt for flamboyant outfits. The red-white dress of the bride and the suit of the groom will look spectacular.

Newlyweds, inclined to classics, will suit traditional clothes. Match the white dress of the bride with red wedding shoes and flowers.

And for the groom, a black tuxedo, take a bow tie or tie and a boutonniere in red shades. These combinations will surely do wonders.

Why the combination of red and white colour stands out?

Red is a strong colour, and if the shade and style of the outfit are wrong, it will look too flashy for a traditional wedding.

When choosing the style and colour of the bride’s outfit, it is necessary to consider her image.

So, an introverted, modest nature is much more suitable, not purely scarlet, but, for example, a white wedding dress with red inserts.

For such a woman, the presence of a red trim will help to feel more confident and relaxed on the most solemn day of her life.

This colour is so contrasting that even a white wedding dress with a red one or just red wedding shoes, dressed under a white dress, look self-sufficient and bright. A bride in such an outfit will surely be the centre of attention.

Wedding dresses of white and red wedding colors

If you love red but can’t imagine your wedding outfit in any colour other than white, you can combine tradition with modernity and add red details to your dress.

So, for example, a ribbon, edging or bow can be red.

Red boutonniere for the groom

As a result, you will get a very beautiful red and white wedding dress, which, although it will be traditional, will add brightness and piquancy to the bride.

Today it is also very fashionable to combine red and lace. You can originally combine white lace on the red fabric of the dress, or vice versa, on the white fabric – red lace.

Designers offer a large selection of red and white wedding dresses this year.

Among them, there are short red and white wedding dresses, dresses in the Greek style, and long, lush ones. A huge advantage of such a dress is that it can be worn as an evening dress after the wedding.

Сhoice white and red dress

How to choose a white and red dress

Red is just perfect for creating perfect feature. By itself, it is too bright, defiant, and it is easy to “get lost” behind it.

Of course, you can choose a completely red dress, but in this case, all attention will be focused on the clothes, and not on the bride. 

A model with a scarlet corset or skirt is suitable; many fashion designers offer such outfits in their collections.

A light outfit with contrasting edging or embroidery is suitable for those who are not ready for such cardinal solutions. The combination of red and white is versatile and win-win. 

Even a simple ruby ​​belt can add originality and grace to the image; the red-lace model looks just as delicate and elegant.

It is worth noting that only pure red or shades such as fuchsia, ruby, scarlet decorate and at the same time attract attention.

How about hall decorations?

The hall for the wedding celebration can be decorated with balloons in the shape of a heart, over the newlyweds make an arch in red and white tones with the inscriptions of their names.

Compositions of fresh flowers will be appropriate. Arrange vases of tulips, roses or gladioli on your wedding guest white table runner.

The entrance to the room can be decorated with red and white red petals; a beautiful red carpet can be put on the floor.

Red weddings are unusual and uncommon today, as everyone is accustomed to light ceremonies.

After all, this is the most memorable day in the life of every person. For it to be truly unforgettable, you should carefully prepare for it by choosing the date, the style of the wedding, where you will celebrate it, and so on.

If you are an experimenter and want to have an unusual and memorable wedding day, you may be interested in a red-style wedding.

Of course, not everyone can perceive this wedding colors positively at a wedding because the bride is not associated with a dark we color scheme and is far from compatible with the holiday.

But not for everyone! Recently, many began to organize their weddings in stylish red, as a red wedding differs from others in originality.

Red and black wedding

Little things for a red and black wedding colors

Where and in what can red be inscribed? First, the most unexpected twist and guest at your red wedding will be wedding cake.

Wedding cake can be ordered anywhere, no problem. If you want to add color palette something to spice up your delicious guest, then add decorations in the form of various flowers of black lapels or ruffles.

Choosing a dress

Next on the list is a dress for a young woman. Can a bride and her bridesmaid wear a red dress? Of course!

Quite a fabulous red and blak wedding look that happens too. Let’s not analyze the styles of black strapless bridesmaid dresses, but the theme is about wedding colors! But do not forget about the bridesmaids – it is also recommended to choose red dresses for them and not black bridesmaid dresses.

You can choose from red wedding dresses with black lace edges or black strapless bridesmaid dresses with red inner lining – they all look great.

Red wedding colors suits absolutely everyone, regardless of shape, height, hair wedding colors, and so on – this is a classic! The matter remains only with the choice of style.

The bride’s bouquet

Red bridal bouquet with rose petals? Yes! This approach with rose petals will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, a sense of magic and beautiful, mysterious gloom is present in this image of the betrothed.

What flowers to choose for a bouquet? An utterly red roses bouquet will be too dull and gloomy, so you should pay attention to calla lilies, red dahlias, or succulents. To dilute the gloom, add contrast to the design, shiny elements to the wrapper of the bouquet.

The bride's bouquet

Selection of the groom’s suit

We have already talked about dresses for red and black wedding; now it’s up to the groom. Of course, seeing the groom in a red suit and a red tie at such a wedding will not be a surprise, but red boutonnieres will quite attract the attention of the guests.

In addition, this wedding colors of boutonnieres is very masculine, stylish rather than classic shawls and the likeness of flowers. A red shirt with gold accents will look elegant and unusual on the groom.

Let’s not forget the red wedding invitations.

Hot red wedding centerpiece invitations for family and friends should be bought or ordered per the chosen tones for the wedding.

It can be white cards draped with lace, rhinestones, beads of red flowers. If you want to create them with your own hands, feel free to get down to creativity. Use red ribbons, white jewellery, appliques, or flowers.

Choose calligraphic handwriting for the lettering. Guests will be pleasantly surprised by your masterpiece. Note that the cards for seating family and friends must be completed in the same form as the red wedding invitations. Retain the look of fabric, paper and font.