15 Stunning Rose and Sunflower Wedding Bouquets

Sunflower bouquets may appear like an unusual choice if yellow is not one of your fall wedding colors (or even if it is!). As a statement flower, sunflowers can be found in a variety of colors and sizes.

When this is the case, they can appear to take away from the bride’s attention or overwhelm an arrangement.

You’ll Be Inspired By These 15 Beautiful Examples of Rose and Sunflower Bouquet

Be fearless

Forget the standard bouquet, pairing sunflowers with jewel-toned flowers is a definite way to create an eye-catching arrangement.

If sunflowers are one of your favorite flowers, there’s nothing wrong with leaning into them. Try incorporating the bouquet’s floral hue into a headpiece or other decor items to create a unifying motif.

Roses And Sunflowers Wedding

“Tone on Tone” comes to mind with rose and sunflower bouquets

Sunflower Bouquet

Think about getting a sunflower arrangement in the wedding colors of your dreams: warm, burnt orange, and yellow hues. Even a single sunflower may give a burst of marigold color to a floral arrangement.

Warm-toned sunflowers are the perfect choice for groom, brides or bridesmaids who want to add a touch of gold to their jewel tone-chic bridal sunflower bouquet. Despite its bright hues, it doesn’t detract from the overall effect of the dark and melancholy arrangement of flowers.

If you’re a vintage bride, you’ll appreciate incorporating gray into your color scheme. To create subtle layers of neutral colors, use soft sage-hued succulents and dusty miller.

"Tone on Tone"

Don’t overcomplicate things with wedding flowers

Combine a few sunflowers with other wildflowers to create an airy and bohemian look. The stems should be visible and the sunflower bouquet should be tied with thread rather than ribbon to make it appear more natural.

Combine a few sunflowers with  wildflowers

Let the sunflowers begin to bloom

Floral prints aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. When paired with the appropriate colors, even the brightest of yellow sunflowers may look natural and spontaneous. Organic white and green shades are always a good concept for photo, fun and advertising stands in the event topper.

Сombination of white and green

Take a stand for the environment

Who said sunflowers had to be yellow? Even the green kind of bloom is available in a wide spectrum of hues.

What if you’re not a fan of sunflowers in their typical yellow hue? Speak to your florist about an alternative variety that is available. That way, you’ll be able to make a bold color statement.

Mix and match

As a general rule, sunflowers are associated with a more bohemian style, but when paired with a sleek design, they can be just the right mix. Just take a picture of it as evidence!

Find a variety of colors

If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, colorful sunflowers are an excellent choice. We’re particularly fond of the combination of warm tones and a pink ribbon.

Even if you’re a fan of sunflowers, you may not want a full bouquet of them. If you want to create a statement with your bouquet, play around with the colors.

Using white roses and gerbera daisies, which will blend nicely with the sunflower’s vibrant petals, is a great way to attract attention to the sunflowers. Use white, orange, and blue to make a bouquet that is pleasant but doesn’t overpower the yellow of the sunflowers.

Decorate using natural elements

Bohemian weddings are synonymous with eucalyptus and thistle arrangements. With the addition of a sunflower, you may create a lovely, natural bouquet.

Incorporating roses

Incorporating the conventional elegance of a rose with the more natural feel of sunflower may produce the perfect balance and distinctive bouquet!

When planning a forest-themed wedding, use sunflowers to decorate the tables.

A secret garden-like feel is achieved by using moss-covered votives and black lights to complete the look. Dark red roses may give a rustic look alongside any rose and sunflower. That is a great idea for feeling inspired as a bride.

Select reddish colors

Sunflowers come in a variety of colors, including red. When looking for a red hue that’s both earthy and organic, red sunflowers are a great option for your bouquet.

The magnificent sunflower is the perfect wedding flowers for rustic weddings because of its robust petals, vibrant color, and instant appeal. Also, because they’re so big, sunflowers make great fillers in huge arrangements due to their cost-effectiveness. Is it possible to be both beautiful and cost-effective? It’s exactly what you need.

When you think of your maids, think of their bouquets

There is nothing more beautiful than a light, fluffy bouquet with a few bright splashes of color. An excellent example of how to incorporate the combo into all of your bridal party’s flowers is this bouquet.

In contrast to navy blue, bright yellow sunflowers make a statement. If you’re having a sunflower-themed wedding party, consider including white roses or hydrangea into your bouquet to make it stand out.

As she and her new husband made their way out of the church, a rainbow of yellow petals showered down on them as they made their way down the aisle close menu.

Embrace the bohemian lifestyle to its fullest extent

If you’ve always wanted a laid-back, bohemian wedding, then go for it! This wedding illustrates that embracing bohemian vibes may yield beautiful results.

Use pastels to add color

Despite popular belief, sunflowers are not exclusively summer flowers. They work well in all seasons, from spring to fall to winter. For a gentle, spring-like bouquet at a spring wedding, pair the flower with pastel tones and greenery.

Take a chance on color

Get inspired floral arrangement if you’re a fan of bright hues and patterns. Adding a striking sunflower to the top of your bouquet is an easy way to get her to look.

Have a good time? See some gorgeous color schemes for your wedding. Yellow may occur more frequently than you anticipated.

Sunflower’s ideas

Sunflowers are the ultimate summer flower since they are huge like their namesake, colorful, and in season during the warmer months. Adding them to your bridal bouquet is a no-brainer. You don’t need a ton of sunflower stems to make an impact with these blooms because of their bright yellow tint.

Don’t be put off by their eye-catching hues. Even though sunflowers are an unusual choice for a wedding bouquet, they work well with a wide range of other flowers. Tobey Nelson’s floral arrangement confirms it.

Large and little sunflowers, dahlias, and tiny blue and purple blooms were all put together by the pros. Is this what happened? Unusual but subtle presentation.

If you’re looking to incorporate sunflowers into your bouquet in a big way or in a tiny way, the following alternatives will show you how you can do so.

You’ll also be able to find a style that works for any sort of wedding. Take inspiration from one bride who teamed the flower with succulents for a modern ceremony. In the mood for some country shindigs? One bouquet containing pinecones may be worth saving for later.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to include this cheerful flower into your big day, it’s sure to brighten things up even more. Do you still need more evidence?

For your perusal, we’ve collected some of our favorite sunflower bouquets. A bouquet of sunflowers is an excellent choice if you want to add a splash of color to your arrangement or if you simply adore the flowers.


If you’re planning an outdoor or rustic wedding, these bright yellow bridal bouquets are ideal.

Flowers and fresh foliage go well with sunflowers. Thistles, lavender, delphiniums, lilies, and scabiosa, all in blue and purple tones, look stunning with them. Combine your sunflower wedding bouquet with white flowers and greenery to keep it classy.

Flowers such as daisies, Billy Balls, eucalyptus, daisies, and Billy Balls, Eucalyptus, Dahlias, Alstroemeria, Veronica, Delphinium, Thistle and baby’s breathwork best with sunflowers. Veronica, Delphinium, Thistle, and baby’s breath also work well with sunflowers.

Were you aware that sunflowers come in a wide variety of colors? Sunflowers appear in a variety of colors, both natural and dyed when you think of the word “sunflower.”

If you’re getting married in the summer, then a sunflower bridal bouquet is a must. Because, why not