Fresh flowers on a wedding cake are nothing new. With fresh flowers that match the overall wedding style, bakers often add cascading blossom or a bright splash of color to the top of a sunflower cake. Alternatively, how about a daring addition like a sunflower? Sunflower cake with this cheerful blossom are becoming increasingly popular, especially for summer and early fall weddings party, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Fresh flowers on a wedding cake

Cake Studio

The proprietor of London’s Blushing Cook, a bespoke cake studio Sammi-Jo Gascoyne, says sunflower wedding cakes would be ideal for any style of sunflower wedding. Sunflowers are said to bring people happiness and gladness.

Choosing a Sunflower Wedding Cakes

So, how do you go about incorporating sunflowers into your wedding cake in the most effective way? This means that there are endless possibilities for how to use them.

There are edible blossoms in the sunflower family and always recommends using fresh sunflowers when they are in season.

Choosing a Sunflower Wedding Cakes

Sunflower buying advice

Be sure to purchase your flowers from a reliable edible flower grower who does not pesticide-spray them. Better yet, you may already have some in your garden from seeds you’ve planted there.

How Much Do Wedding Cake Cost?

It is common for Gascoyne to dry her inedible flowers entire before pressing them. You also have considerable leeway if you like fresh sunflowers. If you’re adding at wedding cake fresh flowers, they should hold up well without water, according to the expert.

A wedding cake with sunflowers

However, I would only use fresh ingredients and would only add them right before serving. In order to keep it from falling off your sunflower wedding cake, insert an extra-long wooden dowel or huge wooden barbeque skewer underneath.

A wedding cake with sunflowers on it can be decorated with buttercream florals or sugar flowers that have been piped on.

This colorful bouquet is sure to brighten your day. Here are 14 of our favorite wedding cakes with sunflowers.

Colorful bouquet

Showcase the Blooms

If you’re not careful, sunflowers on a wedding cake might look completely out of control. This, on the other hand, is a four-tiered masterpiece. With sunflowers and greenery, the semi-naked sunflower cake lends an attractive summer aesthetic while still offering a rustic feel.

Commission a Hand-Painted Masterpiece

It’s not necessary to use bright, fresh sunflowers while making a wedding cake. This cheerful flower’s inclusion can be more subdued. Consider this fondant art piece that was painted by hand.

Dress Up a Semi-Naked Sunflower Cake

A semi-naked wedding cakes and a sunflower wedding cake go great together for an outdoor wedding. We adore how the sunflower wedding cake topper is adorned with a single striking blossom, with more florals serving to unify the overall appearance.

Dress Up for Cake

Celebrate the Season

The petals of sunflowers are edible, therefore you may use them as sunflower wedding cake decorations in the form of a pressed flower. If you’re getting married in the summer, consider adding in-season strawberries and blueberries for a sunflower wedding cake that truly honors the season, like this one does. We suggest embracing the pressed petal effect by pairing sunflowers with fresh sprigs of lavender.

The petals of sunflowers

Channel a Rustic Look

Welcoming you to the rustic barn wedding of your dreams. The wooden barn walls and matching table serve as the perfect setting for this sunflower wedding cakes. The three-tiered sunflower wedding cakes looks great in the setting, but it’s the textured buttercream and cascade of sunflowers that really tie it all together.

Pick Pressed Florals

This lovely pressed flower look has us smitten! An outside garden wedding would look stunning with this two-tiered naked sunflower wedding cakes. Violaceae and cornflowers are used to make this floral arrangement look extremely gorgeous.

Pick Pressed Florals

Consider Sugar Flowers

Combine sunflowers with other blooms if you can. Handcrafted sugar flowers lead to a sunflower on top of this four-tier fondant sunflower wedding cakes, which has a stunning colour scheme.

Consider Sugar Flowers

Serve Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a great addition to a sunflower-themed party. On a finished dessert table during a wedding, these would be the sweetest little treats.

Cupcakes are a great addition

Decorate With Cascading Sunflowers

This sunflower wedding cakes proves that you don’t need a lot of sunflowers to make a big impact with color. This sunflower wedding cakes is as sweet as can be with its simple white buttercream edible frosting flowers and cascading blossoms and baby’s breath.

 Cascading Sunflowers

Opt for a Statement Bloom

Sunflowers serve as the idea for this dessert, which is simply stunning. Intricate elements like hand-painted decorations and a dazzling yellow drop complete the aesthetic of this eye-catching top flower.

Statement Bloom

Bring the Outdoors In

There is nothing complicated about this arrangement, which features tiny sunflowers alongside purple filler flowers and lush greenery. The sunflowers stand out, yet they don’t overshadow the arrangement because of the variety of flowers used. The buttercream icing on the sunflower wedding cakes? An outdoor-inspired round log wedding cake.

The variety of flowers used

Decorate Multiple Tiers

This sunflower wedding cakes features a slew of unique design elements, and we’re here for it! Rustic buttercream designs adorn the top and bottom tiers, while a semi-naked middle layer adds a basic rustic flavor to the celebration. The final touch is a vase filled with fresh sunflowers to complete the image.

Decorate Multiple Tiers

Add Additional Sweets

Sunflowers, white blossoms, macarons, and meringues adorn this simple one-tier wedding cake. That white chocolate drip covered in gold glitter is what makes this design stand out.

Mix Orange and Yellow Tones

Mix Orange and Yellow Tones

If you’re planning a fall wedding, combine colors from the end of summer and the beginning of October. With this sunflower wedding cakes, the tones—and flowers, for that matter!—have been proven to be the perfect complement to one another.

Serve cupcakes

These the neatest confections to display on an event dessert menu. Kerry Boucakes is the perfect cupcake.

Featuring fresh blooms, pressed petals and sugar flowers.

Sunflower wedding cake designs are the perfect design for couples looking to host a rustic wedding – or maybe even close to a field: sunflowers can be added in the cake design.


Rustic weddings call for sunflower wedding cakes, which are the ideal choice for every bride and groom. Sunflowers are a charming complement to any wedding, whether it’s in a barn, on a farm, or even in a field: cake base with sunflowers can be added in the cake design.