Is Rose Gold a Pale Pink Color?

Color Schemes, Inspiration, and Complementary Colors .Rose gold color code is #B76E79 . Rose gold’s primary colors are red, green, and blue, with a combined percentage of 71.8 percent red, 43.1% green, and 48.5% blue. It is made up of 0% cyan, 39.9% magenta, 33.9% yellow, and 28.2% black in a CMYK color space. The closest rose gold websafe color is #cc6666 if you’re working on web design. 183, 110, 121 are the RGB values for the rose gold hue. In terms of CMYK values, C(0), M(0.4), Y(3)3, and K(0) are the CMYK values.

Rose gold color

Rose gold, sometimes known as “Russian gold,” is a prominent color in romantic, beautiful jewelry dating back to the 1800s in Russia. Tzar Nicholas II ordered a rose gold-colored Faberge egg as an Easter present for Empress Alexandra in 1913, and it became a notable example of this.

Cartier’s Trinity Ring is another well-known piece of delicious rose gold fine jewelry. Cartier rings have long been associated with renowned French writer Jean Cocteau, who famously wore one on his pinkie. Rose gold has different shades and create elegant background.

Rose gold accents

To be honest, rose gold has the potential to intimidate some people. Because of its pink tint, it’s a new metal for many individuals, making it difficult to match with the rest of their home decor . Despite its reputation as a color mismatch wedgwood blue , rose gold can work wonders in a room when coupled with the proper accessories and accents. Most popular colors goes well with white gold.

What Is the Process for Making Rose Gold?

Rose gold is a metallic shade of pink, located on the color wheel in the middle of the spectrum between white and yellow tones. It’s easy to make rose gold color by mixing paints if you’re trying to discover how to make gold color by mixing paints. Make millenial pink by blending red and white, then adding gold or silver for a more dazzling look .

Utilize PicsArt’s picture and video editing software to indulge your rose gold compulsion, and have a blast adding different rose gold stickers, brushes and font colors, templates and filters to your creations. Pairing rose gold gives best combinations. To get you started on creating your own rose gold aesthetic collages, menus, gift cards, and more, have a look at the numerous #FreeToEdit photos that feature rose gold as a focal point.

Rose gold color palette

As a result of the rose gold’s sophisticated and whimsical vibe, it works well in a wide range of creative projects. Using rose gold as an accent color on a black and white filtered photo or as a backdrop color in a soft, romantic setting can help you create a oyster gray.

Have a thing for clean, geometric patterns? To make rose gold forms for an eye-catching appearance on anything from YouTube banners to custom posters, simply choose the design you want and change the hue to rose gold and rgb color space.

When combined with the appropriate color schemes, rose gold hue can make a big impact in your design. Your rose gold color palette can include any of the following color combinations. Bold colors goes well with rose gold.

What color goes with rose gold?

Color Combinations that Go Well Together

Rose gold’s complimentary color is gray (#6DB7AC), which is the color on the color wheel directly opposite it. Gray serves as a beautiful backdrop for the faint overtones of rose gold, which really stand out against it. Rose gold goes nicely with shades of gray like Dove or Oyster, but even a more earthy gray like slate will look great with rose gold!

Rose gold color combination

When compared to a full complimentary mixing red, a split complementary one provides more contrast but omitting intensity. Frosted Emerald (#6DB787) and Bluebird Feather (#6D9DB7) combine with rose gold to create a cool rose gold look. Rose gold’s metallic texture really stands out against the soft blues and greens. Experiment with shades of blue or green like Seafoam Blue fnd mint green, to make rose gold radiate.

Similar colors

Combine rose gold with Light Brown (#B7876D) and Light Purple (#B76D9D) to create an analogous color scheme.

Colors in a Triangle

This other metallics uses three hues that are evenly placed on the color wheel (120° apart) to create a vivid combination. This color combination features rose gold, Bud Green (#78B76D), and Glaucous (#6D78B7). Using tones of blue like Pastel Aqua, Seafoam, or Navy can let the rose gold in your jewelry pop. These color combinations are frequently used in interior design and on wedding invitations because they give designs a sophisticated appearance and feel. color pairings

Colors in a Tetradic Scheme

There are four hues in the Tetradic silver, and they are uniformly spaced on the color wheel (90° apart). When it comes to accessories, opt with gold (#AC6DB7), Bud Green, Larchmere, and Light Purple (#78B76D).

When utilizing this color combination, be sure to strike a balance between the warm and cool tones found in the palette . It has a warm undertone from the copper, so it looks better with cold purples like Lavender than it does with warmer purples like Lilac.

Colors in One Hue or Tone

For a monochromatic look, use rose gold in all of its facets, such as Pressed Flower (#C58B93) and Rose Dust (#A4636C), along with a neutral color like black, grey, or white to keep things balanced

Colors That Go Together

Are you on the lookout for hues that are similar to rose gold? For example, Old Rose is a beautiful shade of red with a hue of C08081, Coral Rose has a hue of C37f7A, Rojo Dust has a hue of B57466, Copper Penny has a hue of AD6F69, and Coral Clay has a hue of Bf796E. It gives entire room a dramatic flair.

A cheerful color scheme can be created by combining rose gold with navy blue, platinum, and champagne. On wedding invitations and programs, you’ll frequently encounter these two words together.

To create a warm earthy look, combine rose gold with sandstone, amber glow, fried brick, and purple. Pair rose gold with black, midnight blue, and falu red for a glam color scheme that has a dramatic edge.

Colors That Go Together

Color combo

If you’re going for a nostalgic 1950s Barbie look, try mixing rose gold with black and ivory tones. Use rose gold, echo blue, dark grey navy, sangria, and mauve to create the ultimate fall color palette. Use rose gold, lavender, and grey together for a soft pastel spring edit or on an Easter card for a special occasion. For Valentine’s Day, create a pink and rose gold monochromatic background and add some ivory for contrast.

Color rose gold

Gold, gray , yellow gold and copper alloys are the most common source of rose gold and pink gold. Because copper is naturally a vibrant shade of pink-orange, adding it to yellow gold gives the alloy a lovely pinkish hue. Despite the fact that the terms pink gold and rose gold are commonly used interchangeably, the main distinction between the two is their degree of pinkish-orange coloring, which increases with increasing copper content. Because has a higher copper concentration than shiny pink gold, it has a richer pinkish hue .

Color rose gold

Using Rose Gold, you may take amazing photos

It’s time to start designing with rose gold now that you know what it looks like! Make the right color choice. To begin using PicsArt’s color editing features, follow these steps:

Start a new project by tapping on the addition sign (+) in the PicsArt app’s bottom left corner. A rose gold color will appear when you tap on Draw & Color in the Backgrounds section, then More in the color wheel to select it.

Tap on Sticker in the Editor toolbar at the bottom of your screen, then enter “rose gold” in the search box. Its frame sticker caught your eye, right? To quickly and easily frame a photo from your camera roll, use this option.

Use the rainbow Color Chooser in the toolbar’s lower left corner to construct your own rose gold color palette nice contrast. Then, scroll across the toolbar and tap on the Draw icon to begin.

Looking for a rose gold color scheme based on an image? To understand how to construct a color palette from any image, take a look at our tutorial and silver in previous post.

Amazing photos

Want to make your design pop with rose gold text?

Tap Text from the Editor’s toolbar after scrolling over it. When you’re finished writing, click the checkmark in the upper-right corner, scroll to the right to choose a font, and then click on Color to make your text . Upon completion, click Apply.

Do you want to add a subtle touch of rose gold to your image? Then select Colors from the Effects menu. To add a splash of color, select Color Splash and point the wheel to the area of the shot. The hues can be tweaked by dragging the two sliders.

That’s all there is to it! This is the ultimate rose gold creative design now that you’ve finished it! When you’re finished editing, be sure to tap Save and Share to keep your work safe.