Blue is associated with peace and tenderness. It is also the color of the immense wonders of nature – the sky and the sea, so it is not surprising that fashion collections regularly celebrate it. And this is despite the clear preference for pastel shades by designers this season!

What color shoes to wear with navy dress to wedding?

Navy dress and red shoes

Observing the ladies on the street, theatre, cafe, and office, you are convinced that the blue dress is in perfectly compliment both in winter and in summer, navy dresses.

It looks both casual and festive and also suits all types of appearance. Let’s talk about which shoes fit this timelessly relevant wardrobe item.

Navy dress and red shoes

What colour shoes are perfect for a blue dress

There are a lot of shades of navy blue, it varies from azure to indigo, and each shade requires its colour of shoes or sandals.

The very first option for shoes for a navy dress that comes to mind is black, but you should never stop at it because colours such as white, grey, beige, yellow, red shoe and most of their shades are combined with navy blue.

The choice of shoes depends on the style of the dress

The choice of shade depends no longer on its colour but the style. Therefore, even if a navy blue dress can match any shoes, it is unnecessary to choose yellow shoes for it only in muted classic colours, such as black or grey.

What about shoes made of shiny materials?

Shoes made of shiny materials are also suitable for an evening dress, especially if you supplement the image with small accessories to match the shoes.

In this case, we are talking not only about a handbag, which may not be in the colour of the shoes but about jewellery, a belt or a scarf, maybe a jacket or cape.

Shoes of shiny materials

The best colour combinations of shoes with navy blues dress to look stylish

Black and brown

As stated above, black and blue are a standard and win-win combination or any blue dress. Classic black shoes pumps will suit both a formal navy dress style and an evening one.

Brown shoes and accessories to match her will very harmoniously fit into the everyday business style of a woman. Best of all, black shoes are combined with deep, rich navy blue color.

For dresses of light blue tones, it is better to choose more delicate shoe colors

Beige, ivory and grey

These shoe color will match any shade of navy blue clothing. At the same time, the shoe model depends on the style of the dress.

Delicate shoe colours.

You can wear both classic and more extravagant models with a platform and very high heels.

What kind of decoration will suit and complement such an image will also depend on the style faux pas of the dress and the chosen model of shoes.

Yellow and red

Combining navy blue dresses with bright colours of shoes, such as yellow and red, is a rather bold and even extravagant solution.

Still, if you choose the right shoe model, the image will look very stylish and harmonious. At the same time, it is worth complementing it with another accessory in the color of the shoes, such as a scarf, belt or jacket.


Shoes matched exactly to the colour of the dress will be ideally combined with it. They can also be a couple of shades lighter or more juicy and bright. Accessories will help to dilute the image, which in this case must necessarily be of other colours.


White blends beautifully with blue, and, depending on the cut and style of the dress, it gives a look a festive or romantic look. Undoubtedly, white, like beige and grey, can be combined with absolutely any shade of blue.

White shoes are best suited for airy summer outfits.

Silver or gold

Silver or Gold

Leather shoes of these other colors will complement any festive look, making it brighter and more memorable. Golden shoes are perfect for light summer dresses in light shades of blue, such as azure, turquoise, lavender.

Leather boots go very well with dresses in rich blue shades, for example, classic blue, bright blue, dark blue, indigo.

Also, many shades of blue are combined with pink, burgundy, lilac and purple shoes, white heels, silver shoes, black shoes.

How the combination of color shoes from different materials, different models and shapes, as well as different colours with dresses of heavenly colour looks like, can be seen in the examples of celebrities.

How to choose the right accessories to match your navy blue dress

The colour of sandals for a heavenly dress is chosen according to the same principle as the shoes.

The main combination of the style of the dress and the model of sandals that complements skin tone.

It should also be remembered that sandals are seasonal shoes, and in the cold season, they are only acceptable for an evening dress at some very solemn event, for example, a birthday, anniversary or wedding. Besides, white heals also matches.

Selection of tights

Tights for a dark blue dress are chosen depending on its colour and the vibrant color of the shoes. With deep and dark blue shades of the dress and black, dark brown or blue shoes.


Navy blue can match with most shoe colours

The world is changing and with it fashion trends. But blue dresses do not lose their relevance over the years.

Advantages of navy blue dress

The navy dress has many advantages, but first things first. First, let’s look at what to wear with a navy frock blue dress.

Makeup, hair, manicure, accessories and shoes all need to be chosen wisely to further reveal the strengths of blue clothing.

Often, when choosing a navy blue dress, a woman asks herself the question, “which shoes are best suited to dress.” The general recommendations given in this article will help you choose the best options.

Blue is quite demanding; although seemingly many colours are combined with it, not everything is so simple, and sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect shoes for a navy dresses.

What shoe color goes well with a navy dress?

The navy blue dress usually plays a major role in the entire styling. This expressive color can dominate the outfit, but it is so timeless that it does not impose anything. So feel free to experiment with accessories and shoes for the navy dress

The outfit itself can be easily decorated in an elegant, casual, and romantic style

If you’re heading to an interview in a navy dress associated with self-confidence, calculus, and discipline, go for classic colors.

Shoes in black, burgundy, beige, or gray are the safest option that will allow you to present yourself elegantly with formal gowns and with class.

Classics are always relevant

Rely on classic styles such as stilettos, loafers, ankle boots with minimalistic decor, or leather boots with column heels.

Avoid overly high heels or typical everyday patterns. All autumn colors go well with navy blue – from deep mustard through bottle green to sensual burgundy.

Tempting and exquisite

Experiment with colors in everyday sets for any formal events. Remember that shades of red work especially well with dark blue – from coral, raspberry, or strawberry to bright scarlet.

Choosing shoes of this color add a tempting and sophisticated touch to the image – so you can easily revive an outfit of even the simplest cut. Monostylizations are a real hit of recent seasons! So feel free to combine different shades of blue in one look.

The dark blue outfit goes well with cornflower blue, sea, turquoise, or cobalt shades. Espadrilles, sandals, sneakers or pumps – shoes of these colors look phenomenal in combination with a dark blue dress!

What high-heeled shoes go with a navy dress?

Dresses have always been associated with femininity, so it’s no surprise that we often choose high-heeled shoes for them. What shoes go with a navy dress at a friend’s wedding?

Be guided by both the style of the outfit and the occasion for which you are preparingA dark blue lace dress symbolizes charm and femininity, which is worth emphasizing with pumps with a slightly lower heel and a round toe.

If you want to look fabulous, wear silver shoes to match the navy blue dress. This matches your stylish pair, as well as the navy blue bridesmaid dresses. Furthermore, the navy dresses complements people’s skin tone.

Models of powdery pink will give lightness, although mint, blue or gray shoes also look good. You can opt for contrast and add a brighter color – like crimson or emerald – like accessories suede handbag. A rich shade or expressive dangling earrings will adorn the entire outfit, highlighting your great sense of style.

Do you love pin-up style or ancient fashion trends?

Then your collection is sure to have ultra-feminine yet iconic high silver heels in a sensual red shade. Red stiletto heels to a navy polka dot formal dresses – a simple recipe for a fashionable bow, that is, icons of good style.

Perfect shoes for a navy dress

There are a lot of shades of navy blue, it varies from azure to indigo, and each shade requires its colour of shoes or sandals.

The very first option for shoes for a navy dress that comes to mind is black, but you should never stop at it because colours such as white, grey, beige, yellow, red shoes and most of their shades are combined with navy blue.

What colour shoes are perfect for a navy dress?

There are a lot of shades of navy blue, it varies from azure to indigo, and each shade requires its colour of shoes or sandals.

The very first option for shoes for a navy blue dresses that comes to mind is black shoes, but you should never stop at it because colours such as white, grey, beige, yellow, red shoe and most of their shades are combined with navy blue.

Go for a flared dress and a white polka dot pattern

A sensual and, simultaneously, a little mysterious detail will be the Spanish neckline, which can be additionally decorated with white pearls. Beige high-heeled color shoes for a navy dress with a tulle bottom are an excellent proposition for a prom, a romantic date, or a corporate party.

It will bring tenderness and soften the dark tones of the dress

Powdery pink can also replace beige, especially if you choose high heels for a navy wedding dress. Other accessories do not have to match the color of the shoes – choose a bag in a darker or more intense color, such as mustard or magenta.

What color shoes to wear a navy dress with?

The navy blue dress is not only about feminine, stylish outfits with an elegant character. If you are not a fan of high heels, feel free to choose flat models that will suit you as well! Navy Dress and Shoe Color Red Athletic Shoes look– trendy look for every day.

Fashionistas who appreciate trends know that shirt dresses that highlight the beauty of the female figure still triumph in the fashion canon. 

For a bold urban look, pair navy blue with chunky strawberry red sneakers.

What colour shoes are perfect for a navy dress?

Styles and models

Designers offer a huge range of luxurious blue shoes in different shades. Among the wide variety, every fashionista will be able to choose the option that will allow her to show her individuality, decorate the bow and make it unforgettable.

Heeled shoes are very popular

They add elegance and charm to the image. Manufacturers offer different models. Today, the trend is blue high-heeled color shoes with a flat platform, as well as a combination of stiletto heels and a thick platform.

Do not forget about wedge shoes, as they are in trend again in the new season

The thick platform and high heels look impressive and original. For a hot summer, blue open-toe shoes are a great solution.

Lacquer shoes were very popular in the 90s of the last century, but they remain relevant today. They look great in an ensemble with a shiny clutch or lacquer belt.

Many girls prefer stylish blue and white models

These shoes are perfect for girls who want to change their bow but still do not dare to coordinate changes in the form of light green or scarlet shoes. Blue and white shoes are great for a beautiful nautical look.

Blue and black are harmoniously combined

They belong to dark shades. Therefore they form an organic tandem. Small black inserts will add originality and beauty to blue shoes.

What color shoes to wear with navy dress to wedding? Navy blue shoes is what to go.

 Navy blue shoes


To choose shoes or sandals for a short navy dress so that they fit perfectly, you need to start not only with the color of the dress itself but also to imagine the whole image that should eventually turn out, including all the other accessories with which it is planned to complement it.