In the world of weddings, there are a lot of things to understand. One of those is what does M stand for on a wedding RSVP card? Wedding invitations and response cards can be confusing if you don’t know all the different types that exist. It’s not enough to just send out an invitation because it needs to include information about who will be invited and how they should reply. 

Wedding invitations

What does the m stand for on a rsvp wedding invitation card?

M stands for “Mr.” or “Mrs. and Ms” on an RSVP card, depending on the gender of who you’re inviting to your event. You should always check with whoever is hosting the wedding to see which guest titles they would like included, but it’s typically best practice to use Mr Mrs and Miss in order from oldest male relative down (father, husband). 

This is what you have to do right.

If a person is married, it’s a courtesy to tick either of the three abbreviations (Mr Mrs ms) to show his or her marital status. It’s something you have to include the proper way in the inner envelope especially is you come from southern living. The first letter indicates on the inner envelope of all the cards sent to invited guests is used to plan the whole schedule.

Do not forget to indicate the date of the wedding.

It’s also good to include the date of your wedding and RSVP card on an outer envelope along with who is hosting. If your husband’s name is David Smith, use the first letter after ticking Mrs instead of leaving a blank space.

 RSVP card

Invitation in terms of color or design.

It’s best practice to send inner envelopes that match your invitation in terms of color or design (typically matching is preferred) but don’t go overboard by sending too many different types of enclosures depending on what people need to rsvp card. An example would be including both a response card and a letter from whoever is hosting when inviting people overseas even though they may only have one type of currency available at home.

Information for number of response cards.

It’s also good to include a line with the correct number of response cards that need to be returned on your wedding rsvp invitations. Keep in mind not all guests may send back their rsvp cards even though they are invited since some people see RSVPs as optional rather than required unless stated otherwise by whoever is hosting events during the ceremony/reception. For example, some couples will choose one date where everyone gets an invitation while others might split up dates by what part of the family is being invited. 

The availability of your wedding guests.

Either way, you should always take the availability of your wedding guests into consideration even if you aren’t hosting an event at certain times. At times not everyone will be attending due to work responsibilities and other life events happening during those dates instead. Some might not get time to fill or write the response card to respond as you wished them to.

What should I write after the M on the RSVP card?

A wedding RSVP card is a written response to your wedding invitation. It’s basically an invite of the married couple and their guests for joining them on that special day! You can choose between custom dates or do it like traditionally, by writing “will attend”.

A wedding RSVP card is a written response

The best advice

It’s best advice to include a letter of your title in the salutation line to fill the miss or mrs title. These tips come in handy when writing on the envelope and the invitations line. You want to make sure the envelope has enough space to fill in the title as it’s supposed to be.

Wedding Rsvp: Arrangements

Depending on where you live in the United States (or any country), some places prefer using rsvp cards/envelopes over the phone or address responses while others may not. It’s a good idea to include a line or two on your wedding invitation that lets guests know how they should respond in case they’re unable to attend so no one feels left out when replying back with their decision and address.

Your own answer is the best.

In general, it’s best practice for each person to be invited to have his/her own response card if you want an accurate number of people attending the ceremony and reception instead of having everyone share them together as a group since some guests might need more time than others before coming up with what works best for their personal schedule depending on previous plans already made.

The course of this is to alert the bride that you’ll be attending as Mr and Mrs and they can arrange with the caterer depending on the formal letter you’ve returned. When responding to a blank invitation card, the envelope has to respond to a particular delivery. Don’t leave it blank as it can mean you’re responding to the wrong people.

The answer card can play a huge role.

The reply card plays a huge role since it does fill the need for you to write a letter with the miss title indicating you’ll be attending, not as a wife but as a single lady. The formal method allows you to write nothing on the many response cards you might have to return.

Wedding invitations: The “M” as a Prompt

A proper RSVP card should have a prompt that indicates what you need guests to write on their response cards. The “M” stands for married and is the only option accepted by most invitation etiquette standards. It’s best to put your guest together with Mr./Mrs./Ms., such as “Mr. John Doe” or “Miss. Jane Smith.”

The prompt should be placed in the lower-left corner of your response card. It may appear alone or with other prompts, such as “Please reply by”, “RSVP to” and/or “Regrets only.” If you are having a destination wedding (where guests must travel).

It’s very common for RSVP cards to receive more than one response card per guest. For example: if you’re having a destination wedding and do not require guests to travel please let us know so that we can only send one response card per guest. 

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When you’re thinking about your wedding it’s easy for all the details to become overwhelming. That’s why we recommend that every bride and groom sit down with their parents or best friend and prioritize what is most important, then plan accordingly. Include the RSVP date on the outer envelope and keep the M in the inner envelope. 


What should I do if people don’t RSVP to my wedding?

When writing your RSVP date on the outer envelope try putting “RSVP by (date)” instead of using “Please reply…” because it saves time for both teams. It’s proper to use your own stationery for an outer envelope.