Best Shoe Colors To Wear With A Purple Dress

Trying to figure out what color shoes to wear with your purple dress can be difficult. If so, this comprehensive information will assist you in making an informed decision!

What To Wear With Purple Dress To Wedding

If you have a dress in an odd color like purple or lavender, it can be difficult to locate the right shoe color to go with it. This color is connected with royalty and may look fantastic in apparel when it’s done properly.

Our guide below explains which shades of purple shoes to wear with both light and dark purple dress gowns. Many of these hues are undoubtedly already in your shoe collection, but just in case, here are a few options you can find online.

What Color Shoes To Wear With Purple Dress?

Nude shoes

Because of their ability to go with virtually every color scheme, barefoot shoes (also known as beige shoes) are well-loved among fashionistas.

Shoes in brown, or any other shade of brown, are a fantastic match for purple dress because they create the illusion of long legs.

This is why it’s essential to have a pair of brown sandals in your closet, in addition to heels.

You can never go wrong with nude shoes, whether you’re wearing a dark purple dress or a vibrant purple outfit ensemble!

Shoes in black

What color shoes should you wear with a purple dress? As always, black is your best bet! Purple goes well with black shoes, as do most other colors. Regardless of the tint, cut, or fabric of your purple dress, a pair of eye-catching black shoes will enhance its majesty.

Shoes in black

When paired with a black handbag or belt, black shoes look stunning with purple outfits.

If you pair your purple dress with black shoes, a black leather jacket, dark charcoal scarf, or even a midnight belt will make it explode!

But be aware that this has a gothic, cold feel to it and may not always be acceptable for summer.

Wearing black strappy heels with a purple dress is the best option
Wearing black sandals with a purple dress is the best option
With purple dresses, black slip-on sneakers are the good option

Always opt for a pair of black stilettos when in doubt. The chances are that you already own a pair, so don’t worry about it! When it comes to footwear, black is always a safe bet, regardless of the occasion.

Your light purple dresses and silver shoes are the perfect combinations for a night out with your besties at a nightclub.

In addition, there are three pairs of matching purple shoes.

Purple clothing and purple shoes are a match made in heaven! Don’t go for the neon purple ones unless your dress is all purple. Instead, go for pastel tones like lilac or lavender.

White shoes with dark purple dress

A pair of white stilettos
Strappy heels in white
Sandals with a strappy design in white

Light purple gowns, such as lavender or lilac, look best with white shoes. In the summer, this clothing combination looks fantastic and provides a youthful spirit to any outfit.

White is indeed a neutral color, but it doesn’t work well with dark hues since it’s too noticeable. In this case, if you’re wearing a dark purple dress with white heels, the dark tone of your attire will just draw attention away from your feet.

A pair of silver shoes with light purple dress

Wearing silver shoes with a purple dress is the best option
Wearing silver high heels with a purple dress is the best option

If you’re looking for a little additional glitz and glamor on your feet, metallic hues are an excellent choice. When it comes to formal events, silver high heels are a popular choice, especially when coupled with bridesmaid gowns.

You may want to avoid footwear like these if you already have a flamboyant dress on, so as not to overshadow your entire outfit.

Gray shoes

For Purple Dresses, Grey Crocodile Print Strappy Heels are one of the best option
With purple dresses, grey loafers are one of the best option
With purple dresses, grey slip-on block heels are one of the best option

Light grey, in particular, complements purple effectively. Grey shoes are a wonderful choice for footwear because they go well with almost any outfit and draw little attention to themselves. There are many different ways to include grey into your wardrobe, and it’s one of the most versatile colors.

Wear a dark purple short dress with grey snake-print knee-high boots and a black coat for a trendy yet edgy appearance.

Bluish shoes

When it comes to fashion, a dash of light pink provides a touch of softness and balances your whole appearance. When wearing a light purple dress, like lilac or pastel purple, don’t forget to accessorize with a pair of strappy shoes in the color blush.

Shoes in a shade of purple

This is a no-brainer, but you’ll need to know what shade of purple you’re going to wear with your dress before you try it! If you wear purple shoes or blue shoes with a purple dress, you could find yourself in any of the following situations:

Generally speaking, if your shoes and apparel are of the same color and substance, you can wear them together. To prevent seeming too “matchy-matchy” on a casual day out, you may want to avoid this combo. With the addition of black pantyhose or silver jewelry, this color combination is usually successful.

Don’t wear your shoes if they’re just a shade or two off from your outfit. This might make your outfit look rushed and unplanned, and it can also interfere with your other accessory selections. However, if your shoes match a color in your outfit, you’re free to wear them.

Shoes that are much lighter or darker than your dress can typically be worn. Dark purple shoes look great with a light purple dress, but it all relies on the style and formality of your outfit. Just bear in mind that black shoes can dress up any ensemble, whereas lighter colors might make it more relaxed.

If your shoes are the same color as your dress but made of a different material, you have the option of wearing them. You may be able to pull off this appearance if you play with a few different textures. It also works nicely if you have a certain theme, such as silver bling, that you can incorporate into your dress or other accessories. Even informal settings, some materials don’t work well together because they are so dissimilar.

The golden shoes

The combination of gold shoes with purple gowns is majestic and versatile. If you know how to decorate your purple dress effectively, a decent pair of gold shoes may go with any style and shade of it. Several metallic colors work well with purple dresses, but gold is the most sumptuous of them all.

With the right footwear, gold shoes with a purple dress can be worn at any time of year. Because of this, gold and purple have long been associated with royalty, and it’s easy to see why!

Think about all the many kinds of gold-colored shoes you may find. For example, an open, strappy sandal is a great summer pick that would go well with any cocktail dress, from lilac to plum.

If you’re looking for something a little more formal, opt for a glitter-encrusted gold pump. Your purple dress will always look its best when it is paired with gold!

The golden shoes

When it comes to wearing gold shoes, it’s important to know what style of shoe would work best for your event. While the gold pumps pictured above can be worn in a more informal atmosphere, they may be a little too formal.

It is possible, although unlikely, to wear the same strappy sandals to a formal occasion with an evening gown. Gold shoes may resemble bright orange metallic shades with a casual outfit.

Clear block heels with gold slender straps

Sandals in gold

Love for gold shoes will never fade. In addition to adding a touch of glimmer and glamor to your feet, metallic shoes mix well with a wide range of clothes. If silver doesn’t suit your taste, consider gold or rose gold.


Do shoes come in colors that go with everything?

Choosing neutral colors like black, brown, and gray is always a good idea. Because these hues are versatile, they may be paired with any ensemble, no matter how bright or subdued it is!

Do you know what kind of jewelry to wear with purple dresses?

Silver or gold jewelry is always a good choice! It’s important to make sure that the patterns match your clothing. It’s recommended to wear a modest necklace and little earrings with a more ornate ensemble.

I’d want to add a dash of color to my wardrobe. Should I go in a black or brown bag?

Make sure to pack a pastel-colored handbag to match your lavender dress if you’re feeling daring. Buttery yellows, pale pinks, and dreamy lavenders will all look fantastic. If you want a bag that stands out, opt for a green one.
If you’re wearing a darker purple dress, a silver metallic purse is the finest option.

We hope this information was useful to you! It is possible to find more styling ideas by reading the following posts.