Wedding day

A wedding day is one of the highlights of every bride who looks forward to walking down the aisle. One special occasion that leads to the awaited event is the bridal shower. It also begs the question on who should host the event. Additionally, the host may wonder if they should settle the bridal shower costs.

The event dates back to the 19th century where the bride’s family held the tradition to give bridal shower gifts in her honor.

Important points

To date, the tradition still holds, with friends, bridal party, and even family of the bride-to-be offering a well thought of wedding gift to honour her. When planning the event, it is essential to identify who pays for the bridal shower.

It is also advisable to discuss on the event hosting. Planning goes a long way in ensuring you follow proper bridal shower etiquette to avoid last minute rush, or even embarrassment.

Who Pays for Wedding Shower?

Throwing the Bridal Shower

From time immemorial, the bride’s aunties would plan for the shower. However, the modern trend has no specification on who should hold it. For instance, the mother of the bride can make arrangements together with the bride’s closest friends and bridesmaids to surprise the bride-to-be.

Typically, throwing the party gives an opportunity to give the upcoming bride new household to set up in her new house. It goes a long way, especially if they are a young couple starting out in life. In some scenarios, one person could offer to throw the party and settle the cost.

The maid of honor can take charge and involve the rest of the bridal party, friends and family members to grace the event.

Should I Pay If I’m the Host of the Bridal Shower?

Ideally, it would be expected that the host pays for the bridal shower. However, you could offer the venue for the bridal shower, without shouldering all other costs.

If you are hosting the bridal shower, you can communicate to the rest of the guests on what you can comfortably cover, to give them room to cover the rest. Sometimes the bridal shower expenses could be more than you can handle. In such an instance, the maid of honor will coordinate the bridal shower planning together with the rest of the bridesmaids.

Wedding party

Making the Budget

Throwing a typical bridal shower needs careful consideration of all the costs. The expenses could include venue, food and drinks, purchasing gifts, and even décor. On the other hand, when the bride’s close friends agree to throw the shower, it would be expected that all invited guests will chip in the bridal shower costs.

The Bridal Party

If you are a bridesmaid, you could also be faced with covering other costs like the bridal maid dresses on the wedding day, shoes, getting gifts, makeup and even the bachelorette party.

Therefore, timely communication on how much you can contribute is ideal, especially if it is above your budget. Being part of the bridal party calls for involvement in the event.

Distribution of financial expenses

The party gives a communal celebration, therefore, making it the financial expense of all involved would be a good idea. The maids of honor pay for the event too, according to AJ Williams , who is a renown events director.

Вudget estimate

In other instances, her family pay part of the costs. There is no clear-cut rule on who pays for bridal shower. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean a budget can be overlooked. The bridal showers handled with proper planning are a good choice.

Make it a Surprise-or Not!

Some brides-to-be prefer making the bridal shower arrangements to fine-tune the event to their preference. Some may want an inexpensive bridal shower and prefer only a few people attending it. Nevertheless, sticking to what the bride likes is a good idea to avoid having a sulky bride with hurt feelings.

Hosting the bridal shower

You can then send invitations to guests who the bride-to-be would love to be part of the occasion. The groom can help you pull it off. When planning the party, having a creative director who will coordinate the event is also a good idea. It will help everyone follow the strict rules of the party to make it a success.

Cost of the Bridal Shower

The cost of the bridal shower depends on several factors. It also boils down to how much you are willing to spend on the material day. However, it is essential to accommodate all items.

The maid of honor’s party planning

The maid of honor can also choose to plan the party and make a detailed guest list. An essential part of it includes getting a bridal shower gift. If you are part of the bridal team on a tight budget, you have no reason to worry. Throwing an inexpensive bridal shower to seal the moment is also possible. When every attendant of the shower generally pays part of it, things become easier to achieve.

Your food choices will also significantly affect the cost of the event. One of the best choices you could make are bridal shower finger foods. Having the bridal shower attendants pay for the event will also ease the financial burden.

Shower Foods

Bridal Shower Venue

There are no limitations on the venue for bridal showers. You can choose to host it at garden, restaurant, or even a female friend could offer to host it at her home. You should also consider the preference of the bride in a location.

 Venue for Bridal Showers

Part of close family members can also decide to host it in a mid range restaurant to accommodate everyone in the guest list. The person hosting the party can also settle for it outdoors in their backyard-whatever rocks your boat. If you host the bridal shower, it is vital to consider whether it is something that she would like.

The venue will also be determined by the location of her relatives and nearby friends. It makes more sense to choose a location that is convenient for the significant number of invitees on the guest list.

Bridal Showers Timing

You wouldn’t want to inconvenience your friend before her upcoming wedding. Perhaps she could be in the whirlwind of planning her wedding, juggling a lot of the preparations.

It is advisable to pick a date when she is most comfortable with, as well as the rest of the guests. Perhaps the mother can coordinate with other relatives to make timely travel arrangements for the day. Both the bride and groom can also help pick a date.

Additionally, having the bridal shower has no specific time frame.

Bridal Showers Timing

The Bride’s Dress

The bride can also come with her own clothing to the event, or you choose to get her a new one. Sometimes, the bride’s family pay, and may also choose to gift her one.

If you are not sure on the bride’s dress size, a close friend can offer to ask her on what she would like. Having a unique dress different from everyone else’s will make her stand out from the guests.

The bridesmaids could wear matching outfits. You may also opt to gift the bride and groom honeymoon clothes.

How About a Wedding Shower Instead?

In other instances, holding a wedding shower may suffice. In such a scenario, the mother of the bride comes together with the groom’s family, together with other guests to offer gifts. Both genders take part in the celebration- no protocol observed.

The bride’s mother can arrange for a cozy home shower, to accommodate even the groom’s close friends and relatives after sending the invitations. Both the bride and groom may also prefer the wedding shower. It could be a way of holding the bachelorette party too, without having several events lining up before the wedding party.

Maintaining proper etiquette is ideal

In such an event, it is also essential to consider getting the groom’s outfit and invite his male best friend to come along with him. The bridal shower allows the bride’s parents to chip in settling the expenses. It gives the bride and groom a special feeling when you honor them with gifts.

If settling for a bridal shower, you may limit it to a ladies only event. Ideally, every close family member who attends should also observe proper etiquette.

In Conclusion

The bridal shower cost doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. The aim is to give the bride a memorable event before the wedding. You can also opt to co-host with different parties involved. The highlight is in the bridesmaids, together with friends and family coming together to celebrate the special moment, irrespective of who pays for bridal shower.